South West Londoners to face further Heathrow noise


Heathrow are running a trial starting next month which may affect respite periods residents get during the day.


By Scott McWhinney

Heathrow are running a trial beginning next month which may mean South West Londoners have to deal with more noise.

The trial will run from November 1 to February 29 and will allow the airport to alter takeoff and landing schedules during busy times to minimise delays.

This may affect the current respite periods which residents get during the day with runways switching at 3pm.

Ravi Govindia, Wandsworth Council Leader, said: “Local communities living under the flightpath value the quiet period of the day when they get a break from the planes overhead.”

He said that it is important that the trials are carried out with complete openness and transparency.

Heathrow operates at 98% capacity and small delays can have a major effect on the smooth running of the airport and the trial will attempt to ease this.

Senior Press Officer for Heathrow Alexandra Blomley said there will be no increase in overall number of flights arriving so there will be no increase in noise.

The scheme is being implemented after a recommendation was made by the Department for Transport.

Fulham resident Zoe Jupp, 22 said: “I’m not particularly happy with the idea of more flights. Already when you look up there are 15 or more planes flying over Fulham.”

If you experience any problems or want information contact Heathrow on 0800344844 or [email protected].

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