Metal thieves target Twickenham war memorial


The theft of a war memorial plaque in Twickenham will not stop schools’ traditional Remembrance Services.


By Natasha Barr

Metal thieves who stole a Twickenham war memorial plaque will not stop schools’ traditional Remembrance Services.

The 2ft long by 3ft high bronze plaque which depicts a naval scene was taken on or around the 20th October.

It was one of three plaques in the Radnor Garden war memorial.

Despite the missing plaque the two local schools, St Catherine’s and Radnor House School, which usually hold their Remembrance Services there, will carry on tradition.

Richmond Mayor and chairman of the Friends of Radnor Garden, Clare Head, said: “We’ve got to protect what’s left and remain positive.”

She said there are now discussions to have local artists and sculptors make copies of the three plaques to put in the garden and have the original plaques stored safely in Richmond Museum.

The Mayor added: “I am so upset. I have the utmost contempt for these people. It is just cowardly.”

Richmond Council appealed for the thief or thieves to return the original before the annual service of remembrance.

Temporary CCTV cameras have been put up around the memorial in case the thieves return.

Richmond Council’s leader Lord True said: “It is appalling that thieves have damaged the war memorial so close to Remembrance Sunday.

“It is a serious criminal act displaying greed, arrogance and contempt for human life,” he said.

The 2011 Poppy Appeal launched yesterday and Remembrance Day is just over two weeks away.

This is not the first case of metal theft in Twickenham.

Lead from the roof of Grade II listed York House was stolen on the weekend of 24th and 25th September, and on 12th October.

The thefts echo shadow Home Secretary, Yvette Cooper’s, calls for law in the scrap metal industry to change this week.

Ms Cooper said scrap metal theft was too easy for people to get away with and too hard for the police to tackle.

Call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111 or report anyone acting suspiciously to police on 101.

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