Revelation in cold case of Suzy Lamplugh who vanished in Fulham 33 years ago

The case of Fulham woman Suzy Lamplugh was reopened this week more than three decades after she mysteriously disappeared in 1986.

Former Scotland Yard investigator David Videcette said the 25-year-old estate agent Miss Lamplugh did not meet with a man called Mr Kipper – as she had written in her diary.

Instead he suggested she invented the appointment while she ran errands. 

A spokesperson from her namesake personal safety charity, the Suzy Lamplugh Trust, said: “It is a sad reminder that 33 years later, Suzy’s case still remains unsolved.  

“Our thoughts are with her family at this time as it is really traumatic whenever anything is published in the press around Suzy’s case.  

“It is also a reminder of the amazing legacy that the family have created through ongoing work by the Suzy Lamplugh Trust to challenge ongoing violence and aggression in society and supporting survivors through the National Stalking Helpline.”

Mr Videcette told The Daily Telegraph the witness who saw Miss Lamplugh with a man did not know for certain it was her and a set of house keys were found at her agency, therefore she was unlikely to have gone to a house viewing.

The only suspect, John Cannan, is already serving three life sentences for the murder and rape of other women and was widely believed to be Mr Kipper. 

At the time there was not enough evidence to charge him and Mr Videcette believed he was not responsible for Miss Lamplugh’s death.

He said he is assisting the Metropolitan Police’s Murder Review Group relating to Miss Lamplugh’s disappearance and has spoken to the Lamplugh family to make them aware of these developments.

Image: Suzy Lamplugh (right) with her mum Diana, with thanks to Suzy Lamplugh Trust.

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