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Southside Shopping Centre’s impact on Wandsworth

Southside Shopping Centre, a vibrant retail and leisure destination in Wandsworth, has released its inaugural Impact Report, providing a overview of its contributions to the economic, social, and environmental success of the South West London community.

The complex is home to over 80 retailers, including innovative spaces like Gravity, the UK’s first electric multi-level go-kart track, and XO Bikes and a socially conscious bike shop.

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According to the report, Southside has become more than just a shopping destination – in the last year alone, the centre has generated an impressive £790,000 in social value for the local Wandsworth community.

Beyond its economic impact, the report finds that Southside plays a pivotal role in job creation and local empowerment.

With over 1,300 employees across its retail and leisure facilities, the centre collaborates closely with Wandsworth Borough Council’s Work Match to ensure local employment opportunities are maximised, promoting inclusivity and equal opportunities for the community.

Highlighting its ongoing commitment to community support, Southside, backed by co-owner Landsec, has recently launched Landsec Futures, a £20 million social impact fund dedicated to enhancing social value in the communities it serves.

This initiative encompasses bursaries for higher education students, internships, community grants, and three-year employability partnerships with local charities, such as the Diverse Leaders Network.

In addition to its social initiatives, Southside is actively reducing its environmental footprint. Joining over 1,000 businesses worldwide, the centre has pledged to become a net-zero carbon business by 2040.

Initiatives include the optimisation of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, transitioning to LED lighting, and implementing energy efficiency projects in public spaces.

A recent study from Landsec indicates that sustainable retail destinations can significantly impact brand revenues and overall footfall.

Over a decade, brands in sustainable retail destinations could experience up to a 13% increase in revenues, with a potential 6% boost in overall footfall, translating to a substantial £100 million injection into local economies.

Pieter Strömbeck, Centre Director at Southside Shopping Centre said: “Our purpose sits at the heart of everything we do, in the way we create sustainable places, realise potential, and serve a vibrant community.”

Southside’s dedication to sustainability, community well-being, and positive social change is evident in its Impact Report, reflecting a holistic approach that goes beyond traditional retail and leisure boundaries.

To explore the full Landsec Impact Report, visit Landsec Impact Report 2022.

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