London Farmer's Markets open as usual

Farmers’ markets offer alternatives to the ‘weird times we’re in’

Farmers’ markets in London are supporting small businesses and offering shoppers an open-air alternative for their weekly shop.

One of the largest providers of markets in the capital is London Farmer’s Markets who run 21 sites.

This includes locations in Twickenham and Wimbledon where markets are celebrating their 20th anniversaries. 

It also includes a newly opened site on Kensington High Street.

ALTERNATIVE: Farmer’s markets are offering secure alternatives to the weekly shop

Twickenham market manager George Ives said: “The natural setting of markets provides great security for many shoppers.”

Following a government announcement in May which deemed outdoor markets essential businesses, just four LFM sites have shut their gates.

These closures are due to markets being located on hospital or university campuses.

Ives concluded: “You just need to remember sometimes, the weird times we’re in.”

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