Victoria Street after the crash

Woman hit by a lorry dies near Victoria Station

A woman died as a result of a collision with a lorry in Victoria yesterday morning.

Emergency services were at the scene on Victoria Street, parallel to Victoria Station, around 9.45am on Tuesday to treat the woman.

When Cameron Jones, 28, arrived at his work in a nearby office, the street had been shut down in both directions and the police presence was significant.

Additionally, a green lorry was still on the road.

He said: “We were told not to look out the windows of the office.”

Police and air ambulance services tried to save the woman who is believed to have been in her 60s.

This comes as Londoners call for safer roads for both cyclists and pedestrians.

Earlier this year as many as 7,500 Londoners signed a petition set up by London Cycling campaign, in order to urge the Mayor of London to make junctions safer for cyclist and pedestrians.

London Cycling campaign also set up a campaign to end lorry danger on London’s roads, as HGVs are responsible for more than half of cyclist deaths in London, despite only making up 4% of motor traffic.

The petition can be found here.

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