Calf testicles and Satan’s nuts on the menu at Kingston Food Festival


Twelve individuals took on the Extreme Food Challenge.


By Francine Beleyi

Brave individuals took part in an extreme challenge at Kingston Food Festival which saw them eat ‘delicacies’ such as ants and animals’ testicles.

The Extreme Food Challenge featured a 12-course menu composed by some of the tastiest dishes from around the globe.

Nathalie Gomez de Vera, events co-ordinator of the festival, said: “We wanted to show people that although the foods presented may not appeal to a Western palate,  in other parts of the world, these are everyday foods and not necessarily thought of as anything extraordinary.”

Twelve gusty folks took part in the challenge to taste meals including giant toasted leaf cutter ants, composed of Hormigas Culonas, the largest species of ant found in the world and which are believed to have Aphrodisiac properties.

Testicles of calves, lambs, roosters, and other animals were also on the festive board. Satan’s Nuts, cashew nuts coated with the world’s hottest ‘Death’ chilli was a favourite.

The beverages included the Wild Kopi Luwak coffee, made of the beans of coffee berries eaten and excreted by the Asian Palm Civet cat, and the Birds Nest beverage, a ready to drink health beverage with little bits of birds’ nest.

Sam Murtagh, 19, a football coach and a participant to the challenge, said: “It was a little daunting at first wondering what could be placed before my eyes and the next moment worrying whether I’d be chucking up my breakfast.

“After taking part I have decided that my taste buds do not approve of fermented herring although they did not mind roasted wood cutter ants one bit. But I don’t want that to put others off from being part of such a fun exciting day.”

Pizza chef Elio Duro, 26, who came with his girlfriend, Jessica Raffaini, 22, said: “We had fun and were disgusted at the same time but we enjoyed the unusual and strange food we have tried. The insects have been a better experience than we expected and Chinese beans one of the worst experiences of our lives.”

Photo courtesy of LexnGer, with thanks.

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