Fix Events are making the park run fun again

Fix Events have created a new and fun way to do the park run. 

Competitors have the choice between entering a half-marathon, 10k or 5k run and are spurred on by others in a relaxed and fun monthly event.

And for those signing up to the Richmond Park event, there’s the bonus that you will spot a herd of deer or wandering horse riders during your run.

The Richmond Park course consists of a mix of trail and paths, starting on a gradual incline for the first 2km.

Each lap is approximately 5km and is sign posted throughout the course. For participants in the half-marathon, the full route concludes after four laps.

Wanshika Khanna, 22, got involved with Fix Events and the park run through her employer Results Base.

She said: “I like meeting the people that are actually doing the run.

“I really like seeing their perspective on fitness because they’re so dedicated to it and getting inspiration from them to try and get my fitness up as well.”

You can enter the competition for £22 for a 5 or 10K run and £25 for the half-marathon.

Benefits include motivation around every corner from volunteers, spectators and other runners’ as well as refreshments, snacks and even a medal at the end. 

So, whether you are a regular runner or just want to get your fitness up, Fix Events have created an event to smile about.

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