Cross party speakers and an estimated one million people demonstrate to demand second referendum

An estimated one million stood united as they marched in central London demanding another EU referendum on Saturday.

People from all over the country and beyond joined forces carrying anti-Brexit placards, there was a sea of blue and yellow as protestors were proudly flying the European Union flag. Organisers estimated that one million people attended the march to demand that the Brexit deal be put to another public vote.

Protesters from as far as Edinburgh, Liverpool and Warwick travelled to protest, and the crowds filled the streets around Parliament.

London student Sophie Highfield, 19, Liverpool student Matthew Smith, 20, and London student Jessica Badgery, 20, attended together.

Miss Highfield said: “I am proud of our community, there is a good feeling about today.”

Mr Smith also echoed this feeling: “I feel close to everyone, people are very friendly.”

Miss Badgery said: “There is such a range of people here today, there are families and friends.”

People were still arriving at the march many hours after it began to listen to the speeches.

It was a historic moment for cross-party politics, some of the speakers included London Mayor Sadiq Khan, Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, Labour’s deputy leader Tom Watson and former Conservative deputy prime minister Lord Michael Heseltine.

Lord Heseltine spoke passionately and said: “Walk tall. Keep the faith. Go back to your villages, your towns and your cities. Tell them you were here. Here, in Parliament Square. Outside the buildings that inspire parliamentary democracy. Fighting for our tomorrow. In peace. Secure.

“The bitterness and bloodshed of Europe’s past buried with its history.”

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