After life bench QR code

‘After Life’ benches used to connect public with grief charity CALM

Grief charity ‘Campaign Against Living Miserably’ (CALM) has teamed up with Netflix after the launch of the third series of After Life to install benches across the UK as part of their initiative to help those dealing with loss. 

There are now 25 benches across the country that have a QR code engraved which connects people straight with the CALM charity. 

There are three benches located in south west London in York House Gardens, Twickenham, Ravenscourt Park, Hammersmith and Rookery Gardens and Woodlands in Streatham. 

The benches give reference to Ricky Gervais’ hit series ‘After Life’ as they feature the iconic quote from the show ‘hope is everything’. 

The benches are just one step of their campaign to help those struggling with grief.

The benches connect the public with the charity’s website where you can explore different videos and links that are designed to openly talk about how to navigate life after life. 

CALM has partnered with the cast of Netflix’s series After Life to share exclusive chats and youtube videos that delve into the series’ deep meanings and teachings. 

After Life has recently aired its third series on Netflix after seeing major success with its first two series. 

The show follows the life of a suicidal man grieving the loss of his wife after she lost her battle with cancer.

Despite the serious topics handled in the show, Gervais manages to balance sadness with comedy and gives a glimmer of hope to those suffering in the same situation. 

CALM recognises the show’s success in showing that grief is dealt with in many different ways, and it doesn’t always make sense.

The charity has developed this initiative further by creating STAY. 

STAY is a campaign that encourages people in these situations to see their self worth and envision a better future. 

It is about people sharing stories of hope and their real life stories of how they managed to cope and rebuild their life again.

CALM offers a helpline and web chats that are available from 5pm-midnight everyday. 

Find out more about their new initiative and campaigns at 

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