Pink Floyd inflatable pig flying high above Battersea Power Station


The notorious pig was raised at 7am today to mark the re-release of the band’s studio albums.


By Andrew Magee

Pink Floyd’s notorious inflatable pig is flying once more above Battersea Power Station today.

The inflatable was raised at 7am to mark the re-release of the band’s studio albums in digitally remastered formats.

The pig was used for the iconic cover art for the band’s 1976 album Animals.

The original helium filled balloon was due to fly above the station for three days but broke free on the second day before drifting over Kent.

It was intended to be reused for today’s stunt but a new creature had to be commissioned.

A spokeswoman said: “Sadly, two weeks prior to the event the original neoprene glued pig was officially declared not airworthy and a brand new high-frequency welded PVC replica Pink Floyd pig has been made for the occasion.”

The pig is floating at the opposite end to its original due to building work.

A total of 14 remastered albums are available including a six-disc ‘Immersion’ edition of The Dark Side of the Moon.

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