Jimmy Savile’s brother sexually abused patients at Tooting’s Springfield Hospital, report reveals

Springfield Hospital’s chief executive has praised the bravery of the victims who came forward after suffering sexual abuse at the hands of Jimmy Savile’s brother who worked at the hospital as an ‘entertainment officer’.

South West London and St. George’s Mental Health NHS Trust conducted an investigation into seven historical allegations of abuse of patients by Johnny Savile.

The paedophile DJ’s brother worked at Springfield Hospital in the 1970s and was dismissed from employment in 1980 as a result of an allegation made by one of his victims.

David Bradley, Chief Executive of South West London and St. George’s Mental Health NHS Trust said: “I would like to thank everyone who came forward for their bravery in helping to compile this report.

“We know this has not been an easy journey to make.

“We will continue to provide our full support to the victims and any other patients who have been subject to sexual abuse in the past.”

One victim alleged she was touched in a sexual way by Johnny Savile when she was an inpatient in 1979.

She believed he provided ‘favours to patients if they pleased him’, which meant allowing him to touch victims in a sexual way.

Another victim claimed she was sexually assaulted and raped by him in his office.

She alleges that he locked the door, dropped his trousers and forced her to perform oral sex on him and then wrestled her down onto the couch and raped her.

The victim said she didn’t tell hospital staff what had happened despite them asking her where she had been after she returned looking ‘dishevelled’.

The only person she says she told about the rape at the time was her step mother who discouraged her from telling anyone else and has since died.

Mr Bradley added: “The investigation’s findings of the suffering the victims experienced, and the lack of support they received, is very disturbing to read about today given our much greater awareness of the sexual exploitation and abuse of vulnerable people.

“The abuse these patients were subject to, and the conditions described at Springfield Hospital in 1979 were wholly unacceptable.

“The report also found that there was a missed opportunity to investigate the allegations first made to Springfield Hospital by a victim in 1991.

“Subsequently, when the same victim disclosed the abuse again, her allegations of abuse were not addressed in the way we would now support someone raising similar serious concerns.

The trust is urging anyone who has any concerns, or would like support or advice, to contact them confidentially on 0203 513 6150.

Image courtesy of Channel 4 via YouTube, with thanks

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