Twickenham MP Tania Mathias confident Heathrow Airport expansion plans will be stopped

The Conservative MP for Twickenham has described today’s announcement on Heathrow expansion as misguided and not in the national interest.

Tania Mathias been a vocal opponent to Heathrow expansion but saw the government decide to go ahead with plans for a third runway this morning, ahead of expanding Gatwick.

After Transport Secretary Chris Grayling’s announcement in the House of Commons this afternoon, in which he said the decision was in the best interest of the country and would bolster its economy, she told the House: “This is the wrong scheme and the price is too high.”

She also expressed her reaction in a statement on her website.

She said: “Today’s announcement that the Government wishes to expand Heathrow is a terrible one, but it does not mean expansion at Heathrow can or will take place.

“I will continue to fight against Heathrow expansion and I agree with many experts today who are certain that expansion will not happen.

“The scrutiny and consultation over the next year will, I am sure, show that a third runway is simply not possible for economic, legal and environmental reasons.

“I will also continue to fight for a ‘better not bigger’ Heathrow as the current level of noise, pollution and night flights over residents’ homes in our area is not medically safe.

“I have always been against Heathrow expansion and I will continue to fight against it. This is a fight I remain confident that we can win.”

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