On the pulse: Is Prime Minister Theresa May incompetent or just unpopular?

Debate over Theresa May’s competence as Prime Minister has increased in recent weeks following Boris Johnson’s resignation from Foreign Secretary.

His departure from the Cabinet together with former Brexit Secretary David Davis has prompted questions as to whether Mrs May truly deserves her position in power and if she has clung on to No10 because of a lack of better option.

After approaching the public on the streets of Wimbledon and asking whether Theresa May is ‘fit for her role as Prime Minister’, it has become clear that despite her lack of popularity the public remain divided on whether she should maintain her role.

We asked if Mrs May was fit for the job and the answer was:

YES                                                                                         NO

52%                                                                                          48%

Among those who thought she was up to the job was the belief she is only “fit by default in the absence of anyone else”, according to William Kattam.

This view was shared amongst others too, with Doug Sandilands claiming Mrs May had been handed a ‘poisoned chalice.’

With almost a clean divide between those who do and don’t support Mrs May, there was an common view the Prime Minister was not popular with even those disinterested by politics, such as Sue Carruthers, a teacher at Rutlish Schoo lin Merton Park, claiming she “just doesn’t like her. She isn’t strong enough.’’

In all, uniting the public was the commonly held apathy and dislike towards Mrs May, as well as the recurring concern over the future of Britain’s government and Brexit negotiations.

However, does Mrs May’s poor reputation alone mean that she is incompetent in her role, or just incredibly unpopular?

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