National Lottery funds awarded to South London boroughs to tackle climate change

Today Lambeth received news that South London will get a £150,000 fund from the National Lottery to support people and communities in order to tackle climate change.

The money, gifted from The National Lottery Community Fund, will allow the borough to introduce 45 community composting sites throughout Lambeth housing estates. 

The project, Make Compost Lambeth, is scheduled to take two years and runs in partnership with Make Soil and Lambeth Council.

Victoria Sherwin, Incredible Edible Lambeth Director, said: “We are delighted to have received this vital funding thanks to National Lottery players.

“The grant will enable us and our partners to turn food waste into high quality compost for food growing projects.

“This will save money but also improve the quality of soils and therefore nutritional content of food grown.”

PROUD TO BE GREEN: the community gets involved with reducing their carbon footprint

The National Lottery found in research that four in five adults think regional communities are responsible for acting on climate change and over 50% of Londoners were concerned about the effects of it on their boroughs.

From being given this funding, communities are encouraged to reduce their carbon footprint and improve their waste routines. 

By building accessible compost sites, it will help suppress carbon and improve biodiversity.

The funding also covers training, mainly for young people, to learn carpentry so they can build the bins required for the compost.

Fresh compost allows for food to grow which saves money, all while the community is being brought together by forming growing groups.

There are expected to be 20 new groups to be set up in the borough in 2022.

Overall, the project aims to engage over 1,500 households in the borough which currently do not have access to food waste facilities.

Nick Gardner, Head of Climate Action at The National Lottery Community Fund, said: “We know communities have a big role to play in responding to the climate emergency. 

“We are pleased to be supporting community-led action to address waste and consumption.

“These projects will bring people together to create a lower waste society that will not only help us get to net zero, but also support communities to prosper and thrive.”

THE COMMUNITY TOGETHER: Lambeth community gets involved in making the borough better

The Climate Action Fund has enabled 21 community-led, waste and consumption based projects to happen all across the UK.

Back in 2020, the charity awarded over £19.5 million to help 23 projects in the UK.

The organisation aims to raise awareness about climate change and support community-led movements that demonstrate the importance of taking action.

Since 2016, The National Lottery has distributed £397 million to more than 6,000 grants.

These grants aim to better the environment by acting on waste, consumption, energy, transport, food and nature itself. 

In total, National lottery players raise roughly £30 million each week in the UK to better many causes.

Lambeth can improve its community carbon footprint thanks to the funding it has received today.

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