White Labradoodle sat in shop reception

Meet Church Street’s favourite labradoodle Monty

Church Street in Twickenham’s resident labradoodle Monty is turning 11 this Wednesday.

Monty has greeted customers at the Kiss n Makeup Skincare clinic in Twickenham every day for a decade, since it opened in 2011.

GOOD BOY: Monty stood at the shop front

His owner, founder of the clinic, Laura said: “Monty is a real pillar in the community.

“He practically thinks he owns Church Street.”

Laura admitted that it was difficult for Monty in lockdown when the clinic was closed, saying that he missed the daily interaction with customers. They couldn’t wait to welcome people back to the shop.

Richmond Council’s decision to keep Church Street car-free permanently since lockdown has worked in Monty’s favour.

Laura said: “He loves it now it’s pedestrianised because he can wander round all the tables and be petted.”

She went on to say Monty was very popular with residents and all other business owners on Church Street.

The labradoodle has done more than just greet customers over the years, dressing up in a bow tie for company parties and donning costumes on Halloween.

He can also be seen sporting a set of antlers or a festive tie at Christmas time.

MERRY POODLEMAS: Monty at Christmas, taken by Laura

Monty always looks his best, receiving regular hair cuts and indulging in spa days, courtesy of Laura.

A Kiss n Makeup Skincare customer in their google review said being able to cuddle Monty was an added bonus, giving the company a five star rating.

Laura said: “He just loves it. Monty is happy all year round.”

MEETER AND GREETER: Monty waiting to greet customers

He can usually be seen standing in the clinic doorway, people watching, but being sociable can be tiring at times so Monty has his own area with a bed to snooze in the back of the shop.

Kiss n Makeup Skincare specialises in award-winning facials and beauty services, providing tailored treatment plans for customers, catering to their budget and lifestyle.

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