Brixton cat saved by over £1,000 in donations

A cat in Brixton has been saved by the financial support of the community after undergoing a kidney operation and a blood transfusion.

The cat, Clementine, who is 11 years old, suffered kidney failure due to a bilateral ureteral obstruction and developed anaemia after the operation, costing over £8,500. 

Clementine’s owner, Momoko Abe, 38, was able to successfully appeal to the community on Crowdfunder in order to cover some of the vet fees, eventually raising £1,875, which has allowed Clementine to recover.

Momoko said: “Clementine is the most affectionate, gentle and beautiful cat, and she’s the love of my life, so I am trying to give her all the treatment she needs for the best opportunity to get better.”

ROAD TO RECOVERY: Clementine after the operation. Image Credit: Momoko Abe

However, the cost of the procedures and the subsequent follow up treatments proved to be too expensive. 

Momoko said: “They managed to save both kidneys, but at the point of estimated cost I knew I wouldn’t be able to cover the cost.

“I managed a bit through using my savings, but after the operation when she didn’t get better and there was another big fee, I knew I needed help.

“Every few months will cost £600 to check and flush her subcutaneous bypass device.”

Transportation to the vets costs an additional £80.

The creation of the Crowdfunder page proved successful, with 54 supporters donating money to help cover the fees, eventually reaching the target amount in 28 days.

GETTING BACK TO NORMAL: Clementine has made good progress in her recovery thanks to donations.
Image credit: Momoko Abe

Momoko said: “I am very very grateful. 

“The supporters come from all over: France, Japan, the US, and Crystal Palace. 

“She’s doing much better now.” 

Clementine first fell ill in August when she stopped eating and was rushed around multiple vet surgeries in south west London. 

Momoko explained: “I went to the local vet, and then they sent her to a bigger vet in Wimbledon, and they did a scan and they found the kidney stone and was told maybe it was too late.

“Then I got sent to another vet in Guildford where they managed to save both kidneys. 

“She is still skinny but she has been eating and drinking well and has gained her strength back.”

Featured image credit: Momoko Abe

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