Clapham Pottery holds first art auction to fund places for vulnerable people


The event raised over £1,000.


By Chidi Ogundu

Clapham Pottery raised £1200 at their first art auction last Sunday to provide classes for vulnerable people who have suffered from mental illness or domestic violence.

Members of the public showed their support by bidding for 40 eye catching paintings created by professional and amateur artists, the youngest being nine years old.

Kathy Sherlock, 58, Balham, decided to organise the auction after working with people with mental health difficulties. Having suffered from domestic violence in the past, she wanted to incorporate art and provide a release for people to go and enjoy the ‘warmth and ability’ of learning a new skill.

“I believe that everybody is an artist, everybody has the ability to create something,” she said.

“It is absolutely important that people’s creativity is tapped into and that people have a lot to learn from each other and a lot to give to each other through art.”

With the help from friends and family, Sherlock bought 40 blank canvases from the 99p shop and sold them to people who created a painting to be auctioned.

The most expensive painting auctioned off was by Irish artist Morgan Doyle RE titled “My Gang’s Hut in the Snow 1976,” for £225.

Doyle, 46, Chelsea was very pleased that his painting would pay for two people to do a 10 week pottery course. He said: “We should support people who have had difficulties in life.”

Other art work feature included Antoinette Momtahan’s print ‘Waiting to dance’ and Sue Lavene’s collage ‘Girona Montage,’ made up of brochures of when she went to Girona on holiday.

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