Dodgy developer ordered to rebuild historic Battersea pub brick-by-brick after unlawful demolition

A dodgy developer who demolished a Victorian pub in Battersea has been ordered to rebuild the protected property brick by brick.

The former Alchemist pub in St Johns’ Hill conservation area was taken down even though the developer hasn’t even attempted to get planning permission.

Wandsworth Council pursued the unlawful demolition of the historic landmark by launching enforcement action requiring the developer to rebuild the pub.

The developer tried to avoid the enforcement action by retrospectively applying for planning permission but the council rejected the move, citing the loss of the historic building was not in the public interest.

Planning chairman councillor Sarah McDermott said: “The developer was trying to get permission for this unlawful demolition by the back door. This attempt has been roundly rejected.

“The loss of such an interesting and important local landmark was judged to be against the public interest.

alchemist pub demolished

“In our view the demolition was a very serious breach of planning rules which can only be put right by the complete rebuilding and reconstruction of this important community asset, using the same materials and to the same architectural design.

“This building was an integral part of the St John’s Hill Grove conservation area and its loss has been keenly felt by local people. That’s why we are determined to take action to ensure it’s restored for future generations.”

The developer will now be required to start work on rebuilding the pub and restoring it to its original condition.

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