The painting’s on the wall: Street artists rally together during Brixton gentrification protest – in video

A street art protest has hit the walls of Brixton, ahead of Saturday’s Reclaim Brixton march against further gentrification of the area. 

This week more than 30 artists have offered their distinctive pallets to the shutters of the Brixton Arches, a row of shops facing closure at the hands of Network Rail’s planned station expansion.

In a show of artistic vibrancy and community spirit at stake if the project goes ahead, murals baring #savethearches and slogans like ‘triple the rents- you must be squidding’ adorn fish mongers, wig shops and vegetable stalls.

Brixtonite artist and designer PINS is the driving force behind the project, bringing artists on board and allocating shutter space.

He said: “If the arches go, the character of Brixton goes. We need to maintain this human element, rather than allowing faceless organisations in.”

Brixton has long been known for its social and cultural diversity but with the network rail development plans, rising property prices and rapid gentrification, a question mark has been placed over its status.

Cyndi Anafo, a volunteer coordinator for Saturday’s march, said: “Gentrification is about poorer communities replaced with more affluent ones.

“It’s a no brainer that black communities will be affected.”

The protests begin at 12pm on Saturday in Windrush Square in front of the Black Cultural Archives.

Organises expect up to 6,000 people to show support to the movement.

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