Balham vandalism 2017

‘There were around two or three attacks down my road alone’: Balham hit by wave of vandalism

Catapults, slingshots or air pistols are thought to have been used in a wave of vandalism that has hit Balham in the past week.

According to a Neighbourhood Watch team more than 40 cases have been reported of parked cars in the area having their windows smashed.

There are reports that a small number of homes have also had their windows smashed.

Wandsworth councillor Jonathan Cook, cabinet member for community services, said that the cases increased overnight.

He said: “We are now looking at between 30-35 reports of windows being smashed.

“Previously it was fewer than 30.

“We are not saying this is down to an increase in activity.

“It is coming to the end of half-term so if people are returning from their holidays they might only just be reporting it.”

However, a Balham Safer Neighbourhoods spokesperson said that they have been informed of more than 40 incidents of window smashing in the area.

Balham resident Lucy Mowatt found herself to be a victim last Saturday night as the rear window of her car was smashed.

Balham vandalism broken glass

“There were around two or three attacks down my road alone that evening,” said Ms Mowatt.

“My neighbour even found a pellet from the weapon in her car.

“I reported it to the police, but I am yet to hear anything further about the incident.”

A Wandsworth Council spokesperson said that they are doing their best to deal with the issue.

“It is causing a lot of upset and Wandsworth Council are doing all they can to ensure the culprits are caught,” Cook said.

Local police teams disclosed that they are currently looking for a dark coloured five door vehicle in regards to the drive-by attacks.

Crime Stoppers are also helping to try and catch the vandals by offering a cash reward of up to £1,000 to anyone who comes forward with information — contact them on 0800 555 111.

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