Pensioners keep warm in libraries

Mitcham pensioners are going to libraries to keep warm in order to save money.

A group of six or seven go to Mitcham Library, London Road , several times a week to avoid having to turn their central heating on at home.

They say one of the reasons they come to the library is because their winter fuel allowance doesn’t cover the cost of keeping their houses as warm as the library.

However Sophie, 72, said even if her fuel allowance was increased, she would still come to the library to socialise.

She said: “I come here Monday to Friday for the company. On Saturday and Sunday I stay at home because my sons come to visit.”

Jack, 72, says he saves a lot of money through using the library as it means he doesn’t have to buy newspapers or use his heating while he’s there.

He said: “I come here in the morning, read the papers and go home in the afternoon and switch the heating on. It gives me a reason to go out.”

The news of library closures has worried the pensioners, but so far thankfully the only threat to Mitcham Library is to its free internet service, which they don’t use.

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