Covid-19 survivors can give plasma as new Croydon donation centre opens

A new Covid-19 plasma donation centre is due to open in Croydon within the next few weeks.

It will be alongside one in Tottenham, amongst 14 new donation centres opened by NHS Blood and Transplant, in what is now the world’s largest plasma trial for Covid-19.

There is an urgent appeal for Londoners who have had Covid-19 to register as donors in order to potentially save lives.

Professor David Roberts, NHS Blood and Transplant‘s Associate Medical Director for Blood Donation, said: “We have seen a fantastic response from the public so far and we would love to see people in London offering to donate so we can book them into appointments now.

“Donation is safe and easy, and you could save lives.”

Plasma donation centres due to open in Croydon and Tottenham
DONATE NOW: Donation is safe and only takes 45 minutes

The evidence suggests that the antibodies in the plasma of those who have recovered from the disease can be transfused into those who are struggling to develop their own immune response.

The effectiveness of these plasma donations is backed by scientific research, but randomised control trials must be conducted before general patient use.

Currently there have been over 6,000 donations of Covid-19 plasma in London, with London hospitals giving transfusions to roughly 85 people.

Donation only takes about 45 minutes. Your body replaces the plasma taken in the donation in 24 – 48 hours and will quickly regenerate the donated antibodies.

The venue for the new Croydon plasma donation centre is yet to be confirmed.

There have already been multiple stories of individuals donating their plasma including one man who donated nine times.

You can register to donate here.

Featured image credit: Kirsty Hamilton Photography

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