Litter louts beware! Wandsworth Council crack down on fly tippers – those caught face £5,000 fine

Lazy Wandsworth residents tempted to dump bulky items on the borough’s streets should think twice as hefty fly-tip fines could leave them thousands of pounds out of pocket.

Litter louts opting for the street instead of rubbish dumps to dispose of large items of household waste will be hit with fines up to £5,000 if caught, according to Wandsworth Council.

To assist people unable to move big and heavy items by themselves and protect residents from being fined, the council has cut its waste removal charge by £6, from £22 to £16.

Environment spokesman, Cllr Jonathan Cook, said: “For residents who cannot easily get to the dump, this is a simple, cheap and efficient way of getting rid of unwanted household items like old bits of furniture.

“For this new lower price we will collect up to four large items, so it’s a really cost effective way of having these awkward items taken away.”

The council has also taken to Twitter to let residents know that irresponsibly littering the streets might come at a price.

A council spokesman tweeted: “Need rid of an old mattress/bed/sofa? Pay the council £16 and do it properly or face a flytip fine of upto £5,000!”

In the past year the town hall took action against 800 individuals and business owners for breaking litter and fly-tip laws.

Another ten people caught throwing cigarette butts on the ground outside Clapham Junction and Tooting Broadway stations were fined an average of £383 last month.

It seems the council’s efforts to keep the borough clean have been effective as complaints about litter and fly-tips have hit historical lows.

The team behind the Wandsworth Council account tweeted. “Since April litter & flytip complaints coming in at rate of one a day – in borough covering 13 sq miles & resident population of 320,000.

“Detailed surveys show that 96% of Wandsworth’s streets are successfully meeting demanding national standards for cleanliness.”

“Most recent resident survey showed 78% of local people judged street cleaning performance either good or very good, up from 64% in 2011”

To find out more about the bulky waste collection service and to book a pick up, visit or call (020) 8871 8558.

Picture courtesy of  Alan Stanton, with thanks


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