A previous 'mega skip day'

Free skips across Wandsworth as council vow to reduce fly-tipping

Free skips will be placed in five locations across Wandsworth tomorrow for the public to dispose of unwanted household waste and electrical items.

Named ‘Mega Skip Day’ the initiative by Wandsworth Council aims to reduce fly-tipping by providing an enhanced waste collection service to residents.

Tips will be placed in: Hanford Close, SW18, Gambole Road SW17, Acanthus Road SW11, Festing Road SW15 and Larch Close, SW12 between 9am-12pm on 24 September.

Councillor Judi Gasser, cabinet member for the environment, confirmed that the event will not be a one off, she said: “As promised we are holding ‘Mega Skip Day’ every month.”

The council expects several hundred people to use the free skips across Wandsworth and the scheme will be operated on a first come first served basis as users can take up to six items, with one bag of rubbish counting as one item. 

The scheme, which started around two years ago, is only available to London Borough of Wandsworth residents who will have to bring proof of address to use the skips. 

People disposing of unwanted household waste and electrical items in a previous Wandsworth free mega skip day.
Goodbye and good rubbish: Previous users of Wandsworth ‘Mega Skip Day’. Credit: Wandsworth Council Press Office

Several items cannot be skipped including hazardous objects, paints and larger electrical appliances – a full list can be found on the Wandsworth Council website.

Recent government statistics show that Wandsworth had the second lowest number of recorded fly-tip incidents in inner London during 2020-2021 whilst Merton had 13,047, Hammersmith and Fulham 13,332, Westminster 15,283, Kensington and Chelsea 6,490 and Lambeth 6,638.

Yet Wandsworth Council stressed that one fly-tip is one too many and want to see fly-tipping rates reduced to zero.

Further dates for ‘Mega Skip Days’ are yet to be released by Wandsworth Council.

Read more about Wandsworth initiatives to reduce fly-tipping here.

Featured Image Credit: Wandsworth Council press office

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