Richmond Park MP Zac Goldsmith wins approval from constituents to stand as London mayoral candidate

Zac Goldsmith has won approval from his constituents to stand as a Conservative candidate for London mayor.

The Richmond Park MP balloted constituents posing the question ‘Do you give your consent to Zac Goldsmith to stand for election to be Mayor of London?’

The vote received 26% turnout with 15,802 constituents say he should stand for mayor with 3,569 against the idea.

Mr Goldsmith said: “I am hugely grateful to the residents of Richmond Park and North Kingston for taking part in the ballot, and am overwhelmed by the mandate they have given me to run for Mayor.

“For five years I have campaigned hard on the issues that matter to my constituents, whether fighting to stop Heathrow expansion, pressing for free parking to help our small shops, stopping plans to charge people for enjoying Richmond Park, or campaigning to give voters more power over their MPs.

“I have seen how a campaigning MP can make a real difference. Boris has shown what a strong, campaigning Mayor can achieve for the whole of London.

“He has secured investment, created jobs, made our streets safer and much more. On his watch, London has become the world’s greatest city with all the benefits that brings.

“We need to continue to build on that progress, making sure London works for all Londoners.

“That means bearing down on unsustainable rents and helping more Londoners own their own home; continuing to improve and grow our transport system to cut delays and deliver value for money for commuters; promoting a healthier living environment for London families.

“It means working closely with Government to ensure Londoners get a fair deal and standing up to Government when we don’t.

“Having just been given the green light to run by my constituents, I have a lot of work to do to earn selection as the Conservative Party candidate for Mayor.

“I will work tirelessly to repay my constituents’ loyalty and to gain the trust of Londoners so we can make London an even greater and more liveable city.”

Earlier this month Mr Goldsmith revealed he was encouraged to put his name forward by people ‘from across the political spectrum’, but first wanted to ballot constituents to gauge their opinion.

Mr Goldsmith is now set to join other Conservative candidates for the role at a hustings on July 4.

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