LOCAL ELECTIONS 2014: Conservatives hold Wandsworth but Labour gain seats


The Tories have held power in the borough since 1978.


By Li Hoang

There were no surprises in Wandsworth last night as the Conservatives held a majority, gaining 41 seats out of 60.

With Labour gaining the other 19 seats, the reds still had something to celebrate as they took six seats away from the Tories.

The most anticipated wards were Queenstown, Tooting, Latchmere and Bedford.

Queenstown was a contentious vote that has been all Tory since 1986. This year they obtained an extra Labour councillor, Sally-Ann Ephson, with 1,753 votes, who will share the ward with Tories Nicola Nardelli and Marie Hanson.

Standing for Shaftesbury was the Green Party’s Caroline Austin who lives in Queenstown. She said: “I have lived in Queenstown for many years and it has changed a lot. My neighbour who is 99 and died last year lived there all her life and said Battersea was all Labour.”

Wards that remained Tory are Balham, Nightingale, Graveney, Fairfield, Thamesmead and West Hill. In Northcote, Peter Dawson scoring a large majority of 2,187 votes for Northcote.

There was a huge success for Roehampton which now holds an all-Labour ward, in contrast from only having one Labour councillor last year. 

Rex Osborn, Labour leader for Wandsworth Council, said: “People of Wandsworth are sending a message to the Conservatives. They are no longer convinced by this tired, out-dated, inward looking, bonus obsessed, Conservative council.”

Tooting preserved their Labour vote with a turnout of 41.6%.

Wandsworth Common’s overall turnout was the largest majority with 70%.

In contrast, Shaftesbury’s turnout was 32.15% and Balham 33.6%. 

Bedford, which has gained two Labour candidates and now only has one Conservative councillor, had previously held an entirely blue ward since 1990. 

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