Brixton business mentors equip fledgling start-ups with skills to take flight

Entrepreneurial mentors are helping fledgling companies spread their wings and become business successes across south London.

Brixton-based Hatch Incubator has partners ranging from soup kitchens to organic food stores and the organisation is well versed in turning big ideas into big business.

Founder Dirk Bischof believes that the incubator offers an unrivalled service in helping start-ups take flight.

He said: “We want to add value to any business that comes to us and I believe that we do that.

“Our 12-week programme teaches people how to run a business from top to bottom.

“We help with finance management, social media advice, legal issues and many other problems faced by fledgling entrepreneurs.”

The Grain Grocer2
SUPPORT: Crystal Palace business The Grain Grocer received help 

Mr Bischof is keen to welcome ethically sound proposals into his clutch of future businessmen and women.

He said: “We like to help businesses that have a focus on giving back to the community they are based in.

“We are eager to take on social enterprises as well, and hope that we can help make a significant impact on their business models.”

Crystal Palace resident Wade Taylor has first-hand experience of how the Hatch Incubator can help a young business grow.

The 31-year-old founded organic whole food provider The Grain Grocer last February, and has been delighted with the support provided by the business specialists.

The Grain Grocer3
GRAINY GOODNESS: The store sells organic products

He said: “The incubator was really good for guidance and it helped me get up and running and become a rounded businessman.”

Mr Taylor believes the incubators combination of speeches and educational sessions create the perfect environment for young entrepreneurs to learn.

He said: “I have been guided through everything you could want to know to be successful in the business world.

“The experience of the people at the incubator has allowed me to grow on this journey and they have helped me throughout.”

The Grain Grocer has held a number of popular pop-up markets and is looking to expand further.

The store is set to go online and provide a click and collect service along with a postal option to existing customers and markets across London.

Having flown the nest and established himself as businessman Mr Taylor still feels the incubator is there to support him with any bumps along the way.

“They are very much there for the companies they support and you feel that if you need them they are only a phone call away,” explained Mr Taylor.

“They provided me with an education in how to run a business, and I know without their commitment I would not be in the position that I am today.”

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