Fashion Feature: The brave, the bold and the beautifully British at LFW


SWL’s Hattie Lee looks at the hottest British shows at London Fashion Week.


By Hattie Lee

This week was all about looking forward to this year’s Autumn and Winter designer collections and forthcoming trends, despite still embracing our 2012 winter wardrobe.

Over the past five days fashion enthusiasts were in their element as we once again welcomed the biggest designer names to the fashion capital of the world.

There were 56 catwalk shows in total and LFW also welcomed Americans Tom Ford and L’Wren Scott to show collections on the official schedule for the first time.

However it would be unjust not to pay a particular tribute to the British designers who created collections that went above and beyond the ordinary.

The bravest to be seen was Scottish fashion forward designer Louise Gray. In contrast to Erdem whose models were pristinely presented on the catwalk with immaculately straight side parted hair which made us purely focus on his designs, Louise Gray’s models were the most memorable due to the accessories they were sporting.


                                                    Louise Gray’s models backstage

The designer created rings and bracelets from toilet roll, earrings had been moulded out of discarded egg custard tins and hair accessories were all creations made from recycled bags. 

While her collection has left us thinking twice about our own recycling habits, I doubt we will all be walking around London donning the same look.

However, her innovative concept and ability to keep on surprising us with her unique vision has yet again caused a media frenzy.

Although the bold could definitely be seen in the Sister by Sibling collection, by the end of the show, the novelty of crochet and wool wore off and I failed to see how this trend would transgress to the high street.

However, I was impressed by the boldness of Holly Fulton’s AW13 collection. In contrast to her Spring and Summer designs which were predictably full of pastels, flowers and included the dreaded Perspex bag, she was far more creative in her use of pattern, colour, shapes and textures.

Her combination of fur with leather, long floating skirts with structured tailoring and high waistlines meant that the vast majority of women were able to imagine themselves in one of her pieces.


                                                        Sister by Sibling AW13 catwalk

The Mulberry show was full to the brim of beauty. For starters, the front row contained Alexa Chung and Lana Del Ray, and then when your eyes drifted onto the catwalk they were met with Cara Delevingne who became London Fashion Week’s iconic model for her unique style and transfixing beauty.

Finally, when you focus away from the beautiful people and the pedigree poodles on the catwalk, the quality of their craftsmanship spoke for itself and was evident in their newcomer for Fall, the ‘Suffolk’.  

Whilst this bag only made its debut last Sunday, I am already excited to see this elegant and timeless vintage-inspired doctor’s bag being paraded on the arms of the rich and famous, even though I will be green with envy, Mulberry always manages to make me feel proud to be British.

As per usual, London Fashion week has left us widely anticipating and desiring the 2013/14 Fall collection, even before the end of this year’s winter.

However, before we get ahead of ourselves and start purchasing everything that is pale pink or patent black, which is undeniably a key trend for next season, let us reminisce on the summer delights the fashion industry has in store for us and get excited about storing the coats and winter accessories to the back of our wardrobes.

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