Chocolate Hobnobs take the (top) biscuit spot as Wimbledonians reveal favourite sweet snack

The British biscuit is a staple of our national identity, but McVities research to mark today’s National Biscuit Day reveals what our favourites say about us.

According to the survey, the average Brit enjoys at least two biscuits a day, ranging from the classic Digestive and Rich Tea to Hobnobs and Jaffa Cakes.

The biscuit census unearthed the personality traits of the great British public according to their favourite, with results from the funny to the down right random.

Sarah Heynen, Sweet Biscuits marketing director, said: “At McVitie’s we know the truly ubiquitous nature of biscuits – but we decided we wanted to dig a little deeper and discover what makes each biscuit-lover unique.”

The country wide poll suggests those favouring ginger nuts consider themselves to be feisty, Rich Tea dunkers are shy while hobnob fans think they are funny.

In contrast to its mundane reputation, digestive lovers are more likely to describe themselves as fun-loving while Jaffa Cake devotees label themselves as cheeky.

Kind-hearted and wise Digestive lovers would prefer a drink with David Beckham or Cara Delevingne in their favourite pub – The Rovers Return.

Ginger nut fans are more likely to be women who want to hang out with Adele and wish to be more sophisticated, while Eastenders-loving Hobnob fans choose to travel to Las Vegas and would most like a drink with James Corden.

A quick straw poll by South West Londoner, on the streets of Wimbledon, revealed Chocolate Hobnobs to be the outright winner, leaving Rich Tea to crumble at the bottom.

Stacey Fraser, 25, marketing adviser at Wimbledon Theatre preferred Hobnobs for their dunking capabilities.

“I love them, they’re my absolute favourites and the only biscuit I eat,” she said.

The research also revealed that TOWIE fans Rich Tea lovers were the most likely to live in East Anglia and travel to Paris for a cultural and romantic holiday.

Jaffa Cakes were the controversial addition to the survey, as many purists argue they are not a proper biscuit.

However their fans, a mostly younger group, would most like to go out with Joey Essex and enjoy watching Geordie Shore.

Ms Heynen said: “Our research should put smiles on people’s faces for National Biscuit Day and reminds everyone how biscuits can make everyday moments go just that little bit better.”

Picture courtesy of Caro Wallis, with thanks

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