Bees and refugees work together in Hammersmith

Bees and refugees work together and help one another thrive in a Hammersmith-based foundation supporting the environment and residents of London.

The charity ‘Bees and Refugees’ was started by Ali Alzein who saw the therapeutic and environmental benefits beekeeping could offer those who had been forced to leave their homes.

Alzein is a refugee from Syria who found beekeeping helped his mental health when he arrived in London, separated from his usual social and natural connections.

The foundation also works with the native British Black Bee to support the endangered species’ preservation in the UK; and it educates students about ethical beekeeping and honey at Hammersmith Academy, Oasis farm in Waterloo, Clitterhouse farm project, and Hammersmith Community Garden.

It recently partnered with 245Hammersmith to create an insect hotel on the tenth floor.

We spoke to Alzein about the charity as well as its current and upcoming projects:

Bees and Refugees relies on donations. Learn more here.

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