Making your mind up: Bucks Fizz Eurovision winner to stand for Brexit Party in Kensington

A Eurovision winner has made her mind up about Brexit and will stand for Nigel Farage’s party in Kensington.

By Cameron Eyles
November 22 2019, 17.30

Despite winning Europe’s premier celebration of singing talent, Jay Aston of Bucks Fizz has decided to stand for the Brexit Party.

The 1981 winner still appreciates the contest that shot her to fame with the song Making your mind up despite joining the anti-EU party.

She said: “I have received some backlash since I decided to stand.

“I have not liked the way the EU has behaved in the last 20 years.”

There has been no suggestion that Brexit will lead to the UK’s expulsion from the famous singing contest that the BBC pays £310,000 per hour to broadcast.

This large sum of taxpayers money has yet to be adorned on the side of a bus by any major parties in protest however. 

Ms Aston said: “I still love Eurovision and Britain should compete in it every year unless they kick us out.

“Eurovision is more of a worldwide celebration these days.

“Countries outside the EU like Australia are already competing in it.”

While the original lineup of Bucks Fizz is no longer belting out The Land of Make Believe up and down the country, the band still continues in some form to this day.

Off-shoot The Fizz featuring Ms Aston and two of the other members of the original lineup still tours regularly. 

Ms Aston said: “I believe we shouldn’t mix music with politics. 

“Everyone should respect each others’ opinions.”

The Bucks Fizz singer is not the first Eurovision winner to stand for office.

Dana, who won the contest representing Ireland in 1970, was a member of European parliament between 1999-2004 and came third in the 2011 Irish presidential election. 

Kensington is a fiercely contested marginal with Labour candidate Emma Dent Coad defending just a 20 vote majority. 

Former Conservative minister Sam Gyimah will stand for the Liberal Democrats after switching from his East Surrey seat. 

Felicity Buchan will now stand for the Conservatives in the constituency while Vivien Lichtenstein will represent the Green Party.

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