COVID-19 infections in Richmond among the highest in London

COVID-19 infections in Richmond are among the highest in London according to latest figures released by the council.

The current infection rates are 396 per 100,000 head of population for the last seven days up to 17 October.

This is now higher than London’s average of 227 per 100,000, but lower than England’s average of 414 per 100,000.

Most of the cases are linked to outbreaks in schools and in education settings with the highest proportion of positive COVID-19 cases being seen in 11-16 year olds, many of which are yet to be vaccinated.     

The council says the result of this increase is disrupting learning for the rising number of young people who test positive and are not able to be physically in school.

The council is now encouraging healthy children aged between 12-15, to take up the offer of a single dose of the vaccine.

Professor of Public Health at the University of Edinburgh said: “The original trials show that it is safe and effective, we’ve now got millions of teenagers around the world who have had a vaccine, there is obviously a risk of very rare adverse events but you can also develop those conditions If you have COVID-19.

“So that’s why it’s approved for use by those groups in the UK and I think it’s important because those books will not be able to travel vaccinated people already beginning to understand that parents have realised that’s going to be a barrier in the future.”

Some children are being offered two vaccines if they either live with someone who is more likely to get infections or if they have a condition that means they are at high risk from COVID-19.

She said: “With caution I think they should do the things that the government has not made mandatory in England and wearing face coverings is in public places social distancing where you can, making sure that that’s good ventilation and most importantly taking up the vaccine.”

Currently, 73% of Richmond’s residents have received one dose of their vaccinations, while 68% received two doses and therefore, fully vaccinated.

Richmond’s vaccination uptake for both doses is higher than London’s uptake.

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