Wimbledon residents react to TfL decision to deny Uber licence

Wimbledon residents have reacted with dismay to Transport for London’s decision to deny Uber a renewed licence today.

Uber had been deemed unfit to hold a private hire operator license following an investigation by Transport for London (TfL).

The investigation was started following concerns the company posed a threat to public safety and security, including their approach to reporting serious crimes.

TfL ruled that Uber is not ‘fit and proper to hold a private hire operator licence’, but black cab drivers outside Wimbledon station said they were holding their breath.

Naomi Hope, 22, raised concerns that losing Uber may make London’s streets less safe at night.

She said: “It’s going to be a disaster. I need it in my life. It is important for girls’ safety and is so convenient.

“I always feel safe in an Uber.”

Uber’s five-year licence expired in May, but the company was granted a four-month temporary licence while TfL carried out their investigation.

The current licence expires on September 30, but the 3.5 million Uber users in London will still be able to hail cars using the app until the appeal process has ended, expected to be in mid-October.

Black cab drivers in the area have admitted they are not yet celebrating, with Uber confirming they will appeal the decision.

Warren Smith, 48, a taxi driver from Morden, felt the matter was far from resolved.

He said: “It’ll go to the High Court. It’ll drag on.”

Louise Strong, 46, was also upset at the decision.

She said: “Uber is amazing. I couldn’t always get a taxi to come. My husband uses Uber all the time.”

Others accepted that Uber must pay the price for failing to follow regulations.

Zoe Rose, 42, said: “It’s a shame because it is a really convenient service.

“I requested one but when I got outside it had gone and had charged me.

“If they’re not following the regulations, they need to.”

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