David Lean Cinema celebrates volunteers’ week in Croydon

David Lean Cinema continues to be a community hotspot for Croydon after celebrating volunteers’ week.

The Save David Lean Cinema campaign relies on the support of their volunteers to screen films in the local art cinema.

Volunteer’s week ran from June 1 to celebrate the contribution of their 100 volunteers.

External relations and marketing manager David Lavelli said: “Most of our volunteers are students.

“We have volunteer projectionists, box office staff and stewards that help run the cinema.

“It is very much a community-driven cinema.”

The Save David Lean Cinema campaign successfully lobbied an appeal to re-open the cinema four years ago.

With the support of Croydon council, the David Lean Cinema began showing films in March 2014.

David said: “The cinema is running well and has worked successfully now for four years.”

The cinema showcases films in the David Lean auditorium presenting their own programme of films.

He said: “We have shown local interest films including films shot in Croydon.”

The cinema takes an interest in broadcasting niche films including British Independent films as well as independent films from overseas.

David said: “We don’t always show the mainstream Hollywood films; however, we did show Black Panther because we thought that it was an interesting film.”

David Lean cinema has partnered with the Brit Schools Film and Media Production team to showcase the short films of students aged 14 to 18.

The cinema screens five to six films during the month.

David said: “We have the cream of the crop of students from the Brit school show their short film on the big screen.”

More recently, the David Lean cinema screened The Road to Peace about the Dalai Lama as part of Croydon’s Festival of Peace.

David feels that David Lean cinema is an important venue for Croydon as there are not many small art cinemas in South London.

He said: “There is very little cinemas around for people that are more interested in art house films.

“The fact that this cinema is in the centre of Croydon it is a good place to be.”

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