‘The UK family needs to be looked after’: UKIP candidate targets Putney seat

Putney’s UKIP candidate has spoken out over the issue of immigration, saying that ‘the UK family needs to be looked after’.

Patricia Ward is running for the seat in the 2017 General Election after losing out to Justine Greening in 2015.

Mrs Ward is particularly focused on immigration in the community, taking note from experiences teaching abroad.

She said: “Whenever I would go to teach in a school, whether that be in the United States or Botswana, when a local person was available for the position, they would take over.

“We should be doing the same thing here. When jobs are available for people of the UK, they should come first.”

Mrs Ward, a freelance academic research tutor, also believes the government have been too slow to activate Brexit and suggested it should happen immediately with the repeal of the 1972 European Communities Act.

She added: “We did not vote for a hard or soft Brexit, just Brexit. If it were my decision we would have left the EU by now.

“We are taking too much concern for people beyond our shores, when we need to focus on the people at home.”

Mrs Ward also gave her view on NHS funding after computer systems across the country were crippled by a cyber attack.

She said: “It comes down to money. If the NHS was properly funded, the computers would have been updated to the standard that this would not have happened. That is the national sentiment.”

Mrs Ward had previously taught English language and literature in schools around the world, before working as a communications tutor in several large companies.

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