Volunteers rally in Wimbledon ahead of ‘Put it to the People’ march on Westminster

Around 750,000 people are expected to march on Parliament tomorrow demanding a second referendum on the Brexit deal.

The ‘Put It To The People March’ will take place just six days before March 29, the Brexit deadline set in 2016 by the government.

Members of the European Movement in Wandsworth and Merton were rallying residents outside Wimbledon Station this morning.

Merton Liberal Democrats executive member, Mary-Jane Jeanes, said: “Each time I’m giving out leaflets more people are saying: I don’t need one I’m going already.

“Maybe my estimate of over a million (attendees) is going to be an under-estimate – I hope so.”

OPTIMISTIC: Mary-Jane Jeanes was in Wimbledon today ahead of tomorrow’s march.

Pro-EU campaigners see the march as the last chance to have their voices heard.

The Government has revealed it may hold a third meaningful vote on Theresa May’s deal next week after Brussels set two new deadlines.

Environmental research scientist James Ryder joined the local European movement group two years ago. He said: “A lot of people were surprised to hear that there are still things we can do.

“We can still be democratic, talk to people, talk to MPs and shape what happens in the future.”

Mr Ryder said he didn’t support the first referendum, but that there was more information now for a second people’s vote.

The scientist lived in France as part of his post-doctorate, he was concerned it would be harder for young people to get his same opportunities to work and travel if the country left the EU.

Residents who had been handed the leaflets had mixed views about the march.

Railway worker Axel Forward, 43, said: “After tomorrow we’ll start over again.

“Politicians will find a way to brush it under the carpet and move on. But for me, we should leave.”

Administrator Ana Nobrega, 29, and a Portuguese native, said: “I’m not attending the march, but I think it’s good.

“I agree with us staying in the EU and not leaving, I just think it is more beneficial to our country.”

Market researcher George Head said he was firmly on the fence about the second referendum.

The 36-year-old said: “I think we’re all very confused and what’s going on really.”

Volunteer at Angels for Europe, Justin Souter, came down from Northumberland to support the cause.

He said: “The people’s vote march is a chance for us to show how strongly we feel about these issues.”

The European movement in Wandsworth and Merton will be meeting between Achilles Lane and Park Lane before the march starts at 12pm.

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