Giant tampon to be floated down a red Thames in period poverty protest

A 60ft tampon is to be built and floated on the Thames as a protest against period poverty in the UK.

A crowdfund is ongoing to raise £12,500 to build the oversized tampon which will be floated on an eco-friendly, red-dyed River Thames.

Several campaigners have been calling for action from the government, as research suggests that girls from low-income families can end up missing school during their period because they are unable to afford sanitary products.

Philip Hammond responded to campaigners by promising in his spring statement to conquer period poverty by funding a scheme to make sanitary products free in English secondary schools from September.

Crowdfunder’s Thames Tampon campaign researcher Lily Coleman,20, said: “I am delighted that there has been a response from government, it’s about time.

“It is a start but there is still more that needs to be addressed.”

The average woman in the UK spends more than £150 a year on sanitary products so for many females outside of education there are still issues surrounding the expense of sanitary items including the five per cent VAT on them.

Miss Coleman added: “If the promise is not followed through we will still continue to produce and fundraise for the production of the Thames Tampon to raise awareness.”

More than £2,000 has been raised so far of the targeted  £12,500 for the production of the giant tampon which would be used to cover material costs, construction, permits, logistics and getting the word out.

Further details of the campaign can be found here.

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