Fundraiser launched for injured Croydon swan

A fundraiser is in progress to assist the treatment of a swan from Croydon who was hurt in a dog attack.

Wayne the swan was injured on the afternoon of the 7 February after a dog bit him on the beak.

The Swan Sanctuary is a wildlife rescue service based in Shepperton, specialising in treating swans.

The sanctuary took Wayne into its care on 8 February.

In a Facebook post The Swan Sanctuary announced: “Wayne was attacked by a dog and has suffered a life changing injury to his beak.”

“We are closely monitoring the extensive bruising and damage but he is likely to have to stay with us a long time.”

Rosa McChicken, a woman from Croydon, gave Wayne the swan his name and is organising the fundraising campaign to pay for his treatment.

McChicken met Wayne on 6 January 2022 at Miller’s Pond in Croydon.

After 10 days of feeding him she befriended him and named him Wayne after Wayne Sleep, a British dancer and director known for having previously choreographed several performances of Swan Lake.

On 20 January, Wayne flew away from Miller’s Pond but returned two days later with a partner who McChicken named Darcey, after Dame Darcey Bushell, another notable British dancer and a former Strictly Come Dancing judge.

McChicken feels that not only has she befriended Wayne, but that before the attack he had become an interesting attraction for regulars at Miller’s Pond.

She stated: “Miller’s pond is a small park. It is rare to have swans hence all the excitement within the community.”

This incident, in McChicken’s view, also serves as an example of why dog walkers need to be cautious around waterfowl to keep everyone safe.

She said: “I have observed quite a few dog owners in the past who allowed the dogs to chase after the waterfowls, or were too close to the water edge when the swans were present.”

McChicken is in contact with The Swan Sanctuary to discuss Wayne’s treatment, and during a phone call on he 16 January they told her that Wayne was “doing okay”.

Currently £233 of the £500 goal set by the campaign has been raised.

Donations to help Wayne the swan can be made at the Go Fund Me campaign here.

Feature image: Rosa McChicken

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