End of the world exhibition set to open in Battersea


The second in a series of five exhibitions will be held at Battersea’s the gallery on the corner from 1st March.


By Ros Satar

The second in a series of five art exhibitions opens in Battersea on 1st March containing powerful themes about end of the world theories.

The exhibition is being held at the gallery on the corner and will present works from a range of artists.

The exhibitions are being staged around London, with the final one scheduled for the predicted end-of-the-world date of 21st December 2012.

Lili Phelouzat, Curator and Project 2012 Co-Founder, explains: “The invited artists will be providing many different types of art.

“Pop Art, Taxidermy, photography, video, and big-scale prints.”

There are two rooms for the exhibition.

“The first room themes are what we see every day,” she said.

“The second room will be more intimate, feel more personal.”

On Saturday 3rd March the winner of the ‘Scenes of the Apocalypse’ writing competition will be announced.

Reverend Nemu will be performing readings, followed by a performance from EcoTort Theatre.

The exhibition runs from Thursday 1st March, with a private viewing, concluding on Sunday 4th March.

Further details about Project 2012 and this exhibition can be found at:

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