Liz Truss

The Tory leader resigns, but two Liz Truss’ are out of a job

Liz Truss’ resignation yesterday also signalled the end of her Twitter handle doppelganger Liz Trussell’s time to shine.

When Truss was elected on 5 September, Liz Trussell entered the spotlight alongside her, as world leaders mistakenly tagged her instead of Truss on Twitter posts.

Going by the handle @Liztruss, while Truss goes by @trussliz, Trussell has featured in a number of Twitter posts during Truss’ time in power that have ramped up her Twitter following to 40.2k. 

Throughout Truss’ 44 days of injecting panic into the economic market, her Twitter doppelganger has milked this Twitter pantomime with wonderful wit. 

As outbursts of panic echoed through the country when the pound sterling plummeted against the dollar, Trussell grabbed the microphone and gave her followers the comic relief they needed. 

Trussell appears to have been involved in advocating a number of petitions for Greater Reading including helping a van for the homeless find a place to park and opening up Oxford homeless shelters for winter nights to save lives. 

Now that Truss has admitted defeat in an unbe-leaf-able six day battle against The Daily Star’s lettuce, lettuce think of whether Trussell might have out-performed her. 

As Rishi Sunak, Penny Mordaunt and Boris Johnson gather their 100 nominees, perhaps speculation could be entertained whether 100 of Trussell’s 40k followers would vote for her instead. 

Feature Image: UK Government, Flickr, 2.0 License

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