Young Croydon programme sees socially distanced gaming for young people

A socially distanced gaming session is slated as part of Croydon Council’s Young Croydon half-term skills development programme.

Young Croydon, a council-run initative for those aged 25 and below with learning difficulties or disabilities, has planned a series of free events during next week’s half-term break to develop the skills of young people in the area.

As part of the programme video game arcade Heart of Gaming, of North End Road, will be opening its doors to young people for three free hours of gaming on 26 & 27 October.

Arcade founder Mark Starkey believes the opportunity this provides for young people to socialise safely is an essential part of their development.

He said: “A large part of the reason young people in particular are so introverted is because we rely too much on the internet.

“It’s a necessary part of life for every young person to learn that the world isn’t quite as scary as they might think. Talking to people is human nature and we’ve all got to do it.”

Hand sanitiser dispensers, track and tracing and fog guns will all be used to ensure the day is held in a Covid-friendly manner.

Also taking place as part of Young Croydon’s programme is a five-day entrepreneurship festival, Turn Passion to Profit, which begins 26 October.

The online event will feature a number of guest speakers and Q&A sessions.

Founder of Croydon Business Hub Ian Harris will be hosting a session offering help to young people hoping to start their own businesses.

Mr Harris stated: “It is important these days to consider running your own business and to not necessarily have to depend on paid jobs so that in the event the job hiccuped you have an income stream alongside it.”

“There is over a million businesses started up each year and the sad fact is that most don’t make it. The world is awash with information and young people don’t know where to turn.

“Every person and every business is different. Our philosophy in terms is to help people on a one-to-one basis.”

Other activities in the October programme include a football session, sign language lessons and talks celebrating Black History Month.

Details can be found on their website.

Featured image credit: Heart of Gaming

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