Frank Turner at Banquet Records

Solo artist breaks Guinness World Record gigging at independent record stores

Singer-songwriter Frank Turner set a new Guinness World Record this weekend after performing 15 shows across 24 hours.

Frank Turner has successfully broken the record for the most live gigs in different cities in 24 hours after performing 15 shows at UK music venues across a weekend in early May.

The event marked the first ever Music Venue Trust world record attempt and coincided with the release of Frank’s tenth album Undefeated.

Each show Frank performed was ticketed by an independent record store, supporting the grassroots music scene across the country.

Speaking the day after the record-breaking tour, Frank said: “We managed to divert my album promotion budget to independent venues and album sales to independent stores, which is really important to me.”

The previous record was held by American country singer Hunter Hayes, who performed ten shows across various US cities in 2014.

To ensure he was able to complete 15 shows under the given time constraints, some of Frank’s shows involved unusually early scheduling.

In Kingston, Frank performed a 6am set at Banquet Records, marking show number 11 of 15.

Co-owner of the store, Jon Tolley said: “It’s definitely not normal for people who work in record shops to start at this time.

“It was an early start, but everyone had a good time.”

He added that Frank had previously performed with Banquet Records dozens of times, including during an album launch challenge which involved 24 live sets in 24 hours across Greater London.

Featured image credit: South West Londoner

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