All England Club Community Sports Ground plays host to Great Get Together

The All England Club Community Sports Ground held a Great Get Together on Sunday morning to celebrate Jo Cox’s life and start building relationships with the community.

The event was held on the anniversary weekend of Jo Cox’s murder at the sports ground on Grand Drive in Wimbledon.

The venue provided free cakes and hot drinks, and encouraged people to try out mini-tennis.

Mr Ambrose received about 120 responses to his invitation and said he wanted the event to be the first step in building a strong relationship between the community and the facility as well as a celebration of Jo’s life.

He said: “Jo Cox was a great lady who spoke of there being more in common than what divides us so this event is all about bringing people together.

“Obviously we were aware of The Great Get Together and felt it was an important event that we wanted to be part of.

“We’ve created a great facility here that’s going to be for the community in the future so it’s a great way to combine the two.”

Mr Ambrose said that, with Wimbledon around the corner, the event – one of more than 100,000 across the country – was a great way to get the community excited about tennis and aware of the community programme the facility will be running.

The sports ground, which acted as practice courts during this year’s Surbiton Trophy, will be used as the overflow facility during Wimbledon, which starts on June 29.

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