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Delicious decision-making: Brixton Brexit burger feeds EU referendum debate

EU have to be kidding us.

A Brixton restaurant has joined the EU referendum debate ahead of Thursday’s vote in the only way it knows how: A limited edition Brexit-inspired burger.

The Blue Kitchen on Acre Lane launched ‘The Clash’ last month — a dish that’s split down the middle to bring together the best ingredients from both Britain and its neighbours.

Inspired by the band of the same name and their 1982 track Should I Stay or Should I Go, it’s at least succeeded in bringing together south London food lovers.

A spokesperson for the chain said: “The response to the burger has been overwhelmingly popular.

“We’re approaching one of the most important decisions in our recent political history and it’s great to see so many people stimulating and engaging with the debate.”

The dish itself consists of a dry-aged Angus & Shorthorn steak patty, sauerkraut, baby gem, brie and chorizo to represent the continent.

For Britain, it’s a dry-aged Angus & Shorthorn steak patty, English mustard, pickled onions, savaloy and red Leicester.

Naturally it’s served with a side of ‘Fren-Chips’ — French Fries and chips.

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