Windsor businesses riding the royal wedding wave

Business was booming for Windsor’s shops, outlets and restaurants during and after the royal wedding.

Many businesses have so far reported that this day could be one of their best days this year with freebies and discounts decorating many of the shopfronts.

A number of restaurants also used this occasion to offer freebies to sweltering supporters with both Nando’s and Pizza Express giving out free dessert samples, leading to Nando’s running out of frozen yogurt after giving out so much to passers-by.

Cath Kidston, Marks and Spencer and Pandora all handed out flags to the crowds with the Union Jack in different colours.

Cath Kidston distributed 1,000 flags and have more primed for tomorrow.

Many local businesses also profited from wedding fever.

Bibek Gupta, 26, owner of The Mobile Solutions, said sales of charges have doubled and sales of battery-packs have quadrupled in last few days and noted that business was much busier than an average sunny Saturday.

Businesses at Peascod Street were cautious and decided to order and prepare more items than what they usually do on regular Saturdays.

Starbucks ordered four times more products for today, due to the close distance between the castle and the store.

At McDonalds, they were overstaffed during the morning due to the high forecast of people coming in.

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