Will the royal wedding leave Windsor with a hangover?

As the crowds cleared and the barriers were lifted, numerous residents and employees in Windsor expressed concerns that the event would leave a royal hangover.

Prince Harry married American actress Meghan Markle at Windsor Castle on a sun-kissed day that saw thousands flock to Windsor Castle, while millions more watched at home.

Oscar Wollen, 19, a Krispy Kreme employee said: “I’ve found the lead-up a bit much, to be honest.

“I’m not too fussed about the royal wedding, it has impacted my workload and we haven’t got paid any extra for the increase in products during this time.”

Donna Haven, 32, from Portsmouth, is a security guard who was responsible for crowd management.

Ms Haven said: “I didn’t think that it would be as busy as it was but I’ve really en- joyed the mix of opinions and culture.”

Alice Cairns, 24, who works at the Windsor branch of store Cath Kidston, found both the lead up and the day exciting.

Miss Cairns said: “It’s been a bit like Christmas, I’ve really enjoyed the build up and it great to have something to talk to customers about.

“The only negative thing I’ve notices is the traffic coming into town has been a bit busier but everyone has been happy and excited in the lead up to the big day.”

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