19th century divorce scandal uncovered in Twickenham resident’s family tree


The scandal was published in the News of the World

By SWLondoner staff

A Twickenham resident is astonished after discovering a divorce scandal in her family tree.

Tricia Power uncovered that her great great grandmother Laura Hadder was at the centre of a scandal in 1898, after her teenage daughter spilled the beans on her affair.

Records show that Laura cheated on her husband George with his work-mate Joseph Welch, a secret discovered when her 16-year-old daughter found them in the house together.

Details of the divorce were published in a full page spread in the News of The World, including intimate extracts from love letters sent between the pair.

Laura ended up marrying Jacob but her daughter Winifred could not forgive her mother and moved in with her father after he won the case.

“It seems mad to think what a furore their divorce caused at the time, I think that nowadays nobody would bat an eyelid about their affair,” said Tricia.

Miriam Silverman, UK Content Manager from who helped with the records, said they could help many others make similar discoveries.

“Our extensive collection of divorce records will also allow thousands or people the opportunity to find out more about the break ups of their sometimes naughty ancestors.”

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