Jose Mourinho ‘ashamed’ of racist Chelsea fans in Paris incident and invites victim to Stamford Bridge

Jose Mourinho is ‘ashamed’ of the Chelsea fans who racially abused a black man on the Paris Metro on Tuesday.

Mobile phone footage showed a man being pushed from the train by a group of Chelsea fans who were chanting, ‘we’re racist, we’re racist and that’s the way we like it’.

Mourinho said he felt disgusted and ashamed when he watched the footage, but insisted those involved were not a part of the club.

“I felt ashamed when I found out but these supporters do not represent the club,” he said.

“These people don’t belong to us. I feel ashamed being connected with this sad episode that happened.”

A Chelsea spokesman confirmed the club had written to the victim, Souleymane S, to formally apologise and invite him and his family to Stamford Bridge as guests.

Chelsea have suspended three people from attending games at Stamford Bridge and will ban them for life if their ongoing investigation confirms their involvement in the incident.

The spokesperson also read out a statement, that read: “I would like to make clear on behalf of everyone at the club our disgust with regards to the incident that took place on the Paris subway on Tuesday evening – we were appalled by what we saw.

“The club would also like to apologise unreservedly to Souleymane for the behaviour of a small number of individuals and their unforgivable actions towards him.

“We have been cooperating fully with the Met police and Paris police in their ongoing investigation, and will continue to do so.

“We have also been conducting our own investigation and all information from that is being shared with the police.

“We announced last night that we have suspended three individuals from Stamford Bridge pending the completion of the investigation.

“Should evidence show they are guilty the club will ban them for life.”

Mourinho also said he supports an online campaign aiming to organise a trip for Souleymane to visit Stamford Bridge, so that he can see the true values Chelsea hold.

The Blues boss also reiterated that his players, alongside club owner Roman Abramovich, reacted in the same way upon hearing the news.

He said: “The dressing room reacted as I did – with disappointment and they condemn the situation and support the gentleman involved and they feel ashamed, but maybe we shouldn’t because these people involved do not belong to Chelsea Football Club.”

Image courtesy of Channel 4 via YouTube, with thanks

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