The Andy Gray Column: Daniel Sturridge not good enough to demand new contract

Summary: ambassador Andy Gray was talking to Ben Baker, exclusively for SW Londoner.


I THINK Daniel Sturridge has done pretty well this year, but nowhere near well enough to be demanding a new contract in the way it looks like he is doing.

I was a little disappointed in him to see talk of him wanting more money, and wanting to be paid more and being disillusioned at not playing in the central striking role at Chelsea.

Daniel seems to be a nice level-headed lad but he has previous with this as he left Manchester City because he felt that he wasn’t getting paid enough money.

But he has to remember that he is still in his formative years and if I was Daniel Sturridge’s agent then my advice to him would be ‘listen Daniel, make yourself a point of making yourself a permanent fixture in this team and if you do that then you will never have to worry about money again in his life’.

If I was Daniel Sturridge then I wouldn’t be concentrating and worrying my life on how much money I earn, I would be concentrating on getting my football right, concentrating on learning my trade and if Daniel does that and continues to improve in the way that he has he will never have to worry about money again.

His talent will be all that he needs to answer any questions with and of course if he continues to play well then Andre Villas-Boas might decide that it is another reason to let Didier Drogba go with all the chat about his future around at the moment.

Andy Gray on Didier Drogba’s Chelsea future

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